AlbinoMouse Changelog

  • added
  • removed

* fixed

+ FontAwesome now loads from BootstrapCDN
* Fixed image height on smaller screens
* Changed to get_permalink for Twitter buttons since the counter doesn’t work with wp_shortlink

* Better responsive styles for embed / iframe
* Fixed post link for thumbnails
– Removed post link on thumbnails for single posts
– Removed WordPress Stats Smiley Face (jetpack)

* Changed Screenshot
* Fixed problems with walker object and nav menu

* Reorganised the theme options
+ The header search box is now optional
+ Add Widget Icons for jetpack Plugin
+ Additional Social Media Locations Option
* Optical bug with submenu
* Issues with alignment of images
+ Optional WP and Theme Author Link in Footer
+ Add Danish translation made by Eva. Thanks a lot!
+ Add Swedish Translation made by David. Thanks a lot!
+ Add Spanish translation made by Pablo. Thanks a lot!
* Better quotes
* Better Clearfix
* Improve excerpts
+ Option to choose the post thumbnail size

+ Add French translation made by Alexis. Thanks a lot!
+ The excerpt now has a read more button instead of [..]
* Screenshot size changed to 600×450 for HiDPI displays
* Non-printable characters were found in content-single.php and content-page.php
* Fixed Issues with post date

* It must not load wp_nav_menu and wp_page_menu (fallback) together

* Fixed Problems with walker object and nav menu

+ Updated Icon „Font Awesome“ and relocated styles in a new stylesheet file
+ Add Custom Walker Object -> New procedure to add icon before main-navi link
* Fixed Comment Navigation Button
* Fixed some translations issues
+ New info box on options page

– Removed unnecessary editor styles
* Wrong generated content for sharing on Twitter

– Removed Header Widget area and set fix search form
* Fixed PHP Notice Messages which are in conjunction with theme options
* wp_head() and wp_footer() are now immediately before closing tag
+ Updated Options Framework Theme to 1.4
* Fixed some if statements in index.php, single.php, page.php and archive.php
+ Changed Theme Description
* Fixed some CSS Styles
+ Add socialite.js for better performance
* JavaSript for Social Buttons aren’t hard-coded anymore